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Petley Book

This project will include the history of the Petley name following Captain John Alexander Charles' line back to the 1500s and beyond, a story of the life of Captain Petley of the 58th Regiment of Foot, and exploring the first two generations of his descendants in New Zealand.

Captain Petley lived an interesting, mysterious life. You will find wealth's of information everywhere you look. The wave of information at the start leads sadly lead to endless brick walls.

This was extremely frustrating to me, but also inspiring. I hope to bring a conclusion to our family's unanswered questions and bring resolution to many peoples life long search for their story.

Captain Petley was an officer in the British imperial army, guarding convicts on ships to Australia, before being deployed in New Zealand during the New Zealand Wars from 1845-1858. He would later take his discharge in New Zealand and ultimately start what would become a long line of Petleys in our country.

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